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Continuing Certification to ISO 9001

Dear colleagues and friends,

Landserv has recently passed the annual external surveillance audit for our Quality Management System to the ISO 9001 Standards. The QMS has been incorporated into Landserv’s everyday operation since 2010, and has been independently certified by a third party assessor.

This year, August and September saw an intensive program of internal auditing and reviewing of our business processes and procedures. The outcomes showed that our QMS continues to prove effective in helping us achieve our quality policy and objectives. And that there is continuous adaptation and improvement to the system as our organisation grows.

To take us to the next step, we are in the process of polishing up our OH&S and Environmental Management Systems to prepare for accreditation in early 2013. It is a daunting task but given that most of the systems is already in place, it won’t take long for Landserv to achieve a comprehensive and holistic integrated system that incorporated all aspects of quality, health and safety, and environmental management.

Well done, team!


Landserv’s current ISO 9001 Certificate covers our Quality Management System for Environmental Consultancy Services Including Contaminated Land Assessment and Remediation, Groundwater Assessment and Remediation, Contaminated Soil Management, Ecological Survey and Biological Services, Biodiversity Management and Planning, Environmental Impact Assessment, Environmental Planning and Approvals, Environmental Management Planning and Systems, Environmental Greenhouse and Energy Reporting, Environmental Risk Assessment, Acid Sulfate Soil Investigation and Management, Construction Environmental Management, Landfill Services, Landfill Gas Assessment, Waste Management, Environmental Auditing and Strategic Environmental Advice.