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Environmental Approvals

Hold-ups due to delays in the statutory process, public objections to the proposal leading to appeals and the worst case scenario – an unsuccessful application.  These are all too common on projects where environmental approvals are required.

Landserv provides a strategic approach to preparing and submitting approval documentation. We have a key strength in liaison with the statutory authorities about information requirements for approval documentation, while communicating an understanding of realistic project timelines, project understanding, information flow and regular liaison.  A key consideration in our approach is the quality and robustness of approval documentation (clarity of information, understanding of impacts) and the process of seeking effective community consultation. We always look for opportunities to streamline approval processes and positively develop the nature of the relationship between yourself and the statutory. We offer;

  • site selection
  • biological and ecological surveys
  • site assessment
  • geographical information systems (GIS)
  • environmental impact assessments
  • urban and landscape planning
  • development application
  • consultation process
  • declaration of environmental factors
  • statement of environmental objectives
  • feasibility studies
  • environmental management plan

Environmental Works Approvals

EPA works approvals processing time is set by the regulations as four months.  While some works approvals can be processed in three months there are inherent consultation procedures which the EPA must follow in processing applications which provide constraints in the reduction of timeframes. Landserv has assisted our clients in charting a course that minimises time and resources in gaining these approvals.

Works in Waterways Approvals

EPBC Referrals