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Management Systems, Improvement & Auditing

Having a management system in place, whether it is a certified system or tailored to your needs, will provide a more organised business structure and process, solidify key internal drivers such as management, leadership, training, IT and human resources, which then results in more efficient and effective activities being undertaken that are directly relevant to strategy. Outputs of a successful management system can include regulatory compliance, increased staff retention rates, cost savings, improved work culture, competent staff, IT and other resources that match the business needs, positive customer interaction and increased positive feedback, increased demand for services and products, and an ability to be more dynamic in day to day business.

Landserv’s services throughout Melbourne and Geelong now include providing consulting in management systems and organisational improvement. If you have an existing management system that requires re-development or you would like to implement a new management system, or streamline processes and merge systems together, we can help.

  • Additionally, we can assist with:
  • Internal auditing and process improvement
  • Document development, management and control
  • Management reviews
  • Regulatory compliance improvement
  • Preparation work for an external audit against a Standard

Our management systems and organisational improvement consulting approach is focused towards consultation, collaboration, and we believe in providing a consulting service that yields success and adds value throughout all aspects of an organisation.