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Multi-disciplinary Environmental Projects

Challenges presented by construction and development activities may include: changes in land use, surface water and groundwater impacts, geotechnical and structural issues, dust and noise emissions, sediments and erosion – all highlight the importance of holistic and dynamic environmental management.

Our consultants have a wealth of technical field skills and experience working on both large and small scale environmental site assessment projects for state and local government organisations, private developers and manufacturers, construction contractors and water authorities.

Our projects have included commercial / industrial land, contaminated land, greenfields sites, oil industry retail sites, depots, refineries, chlorinated solvent contaminated sites, landfills, railways, ports, mining, inner-urban redevelopments, wetlands, waterways, parks, forests, surplus land and infrastructure sites.

Our services include:

  • Land contamination assessments
  • Statutory environmental audits and remediation
  • Environmental assessments
  • Due diligence investigations
  • Environmental assessment and management services
  • Investigating and managing site constraints (such as flora and fauna, cultural heritage and geotechnical stability).

Our work is often performed within the various regulations applying to multi-disciplinary projects such as the Victorian Planning & Environment Act, Environment Effects Act, Environment Protection Act, the Commonwealth EPBC Act and other legislation.

We are members of Certified Environmental Practitioners with the Environment Institute of Australia and New Zealand (EIANZ), the Australian Contaminated Land Consultants Association (ACLCA), the Australasian Land and Groundwater Association (ALGA) and the Victorian Planning and Environmental Law Association (VPELA).