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Our People

Landserv professionals are all tertiary qualified in environmental engineering / science or related disciplines, with skills in geology, ecology, marine science, landscape architecture, environmental horticulture and conservation ecology. They have a wealth of technical field experience, working on both large and small scale environmental site assessment, management and auditing projects.

Landserv professionals are well-known and respected in the environmental management industry and are active members of the following professional associations:

  • Australian Contaminated Land Consultants Association (ACLCA)
  • Victorian Planning and Environmental Law Association (VPELA)
  • Environmental Institute of Australia and New Zealand (EIANZ)
  • Australasian Land and Groundwater Association (ALGA)
  • Waste Management Association of Australia (WMAA)
  • Geelong Chamber of Commerce (GCC)
  • Geelong Business Club (GBC)
  • Certified Environmental Practitioners (CEnvP)
  • Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD)

If you would like to speak to a Landserv professional, please contact us.

Damien Chappell Managing Director

Damien has been Landserv’s Managing Director since 2007. He is an Environmental Scientist and Geologist with over twenty five years of professional experience managing environmental businesses and implementing a variety of environmental projects including contaminated land and groundwater investigations and remediation; landfill monitoring, risk assessment and reporting; environmental auditing; environmental management plans and systems; and environmental impact and land use capability assessments.

He has applied his experience to ports, coastal / marine environments, Defence facilities, industrial and petroleum facilities, landfills, industrial land redevelopment projects and greenfield development projects. Damien is a Certified Environmental Professional (CEnvP), Exemplar Global certified Auditor (EMS) and a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors (GAICD).

There was a time when Damien had to fix old cars and motorbikes most weekends so he and Ann could get to work on Monday. Now he fixes them for fun.

Nick Mara General Manager

Nick is the General Manager of Landserv. A Certified Environmental Practitioner (CEnvP) with the Environment Institute of Australia and New Zealand (EIANZ), Nick has over 20 years of consulting experience in the fields of environmental site assessment, site remediation, groundwater investigation, waste services and project management.

This broad range of experience has resulted from working within all states of Australia, ranging from large-scale assessment and remediation of major fuel terminals, to environmental assessment of small to medium development sites subject to statutory environmental audits.

Further to his strong analytical and project management skills, Nick has extensive practical experience in EPA compliance requirements for Landfills.

Nick recently assisted Surf Coast Shire with the technical input to the tender and construction process of the new cell and GCL cap. The role also included the coordination of the contractor, designer, auditor, CQA and GITA to reduce delays during construction.

To keep Nick busy on the weekend, Nick is a Level 1 basketball coach and he can be seen running around all weekend coaching up to three teams.

Ryan Edwards Senior Environmental Scientist

Ryan is a Senior Environmental Scientist with over 10 years professional experience as an environmental consultant. He has a Bachelor Degree in Environmental Science from RMIT University where he majored in Ecotoxicology.

Ryan leads one of Landserv’s Melbourne teams and has worked on and managed many projects ranging from large scale statutory environmental audits to smaller soil and groundwater investigation and remediation projects.

His experience ranges from managing multidisciplinary environmental investigations, environmental due diligence, phase 1 & 2 environmental site assessment, remediation, data analysis and interpretation, as well as liaising with and managing clients, contractors and auditors.

Ryan has also been responsible for technical reviews and the collation and dissemination of advice across a range of site assessment and remediation programs on petrochemical, industrial, landfill and agricultural sites.

Outside of work, Ryan enjoys time spent in the outdoors with his family, including camping, fishing and gardening.

Samantha Walsh Environmental Scientist

Samantha is an Environmental Scientist with five years of professional experience. Her skills and competencies include: contaminated land investigations, EPA licence compliance monitoring and reporting, environmental monitoring programs, field assessments including soil, groundwater, surface water and gas sampling.

She also has experience in underground tank removal, management and supervision of environmental drilling, groundwater and gas monitoring well installations, data analysis and management, experimental design, creation and management; and administration of GIS and database.

She has applied these skills to construction sites ranging from large to small scale, landfills, industrial sites, petrochemical sites and varying other private and government sites. Samantha commenced her current role at Landserv in July 2013.

Samantha is currently studying a Master of Groundwater Hydrology part time and enjoys all ocean related activities.

Darren Pendergast Senior Environmental Scientist

Darren has more than 13 years of consulting experience in the fields of environmental site assessment, site remediation, groundwater investigation, waste services and project management. Many of the environmental assessment projects Darren has worked on have been for the purposes of Statutory Environmental Audits.

Further to his strong analytical and project management skills, Darren has extensive practical experience in EPA requirements and local government authority needs. He also has a broad knowledge of the complexity of local government processes, particularly procurement and approvals.

Outside of work Darren enjoys spending time outdoors with family and getting along to the local footy.

Andrew Wigley Senior Environmental Scientist

Andrew is an Environmental Scientist with more than 10 years experience as an environmental consultant and chemist, with professional experience in environmental management, environmental assessment and project management. Recent experience with Landserv has seen Andrew work in the Land and Groundwater work group contributing to contamination assessment, site suitability and landfill gas risk assessment projects.

Andrew has worked on and managed projects ranging from large scale statutory environmental audits to smaller soil and groundwater investigation and remediation projects.

He has extensive field experience, specifically in environmental drilling, well installation monitoring, sampling, data collection and walk over site assessments.

Andrew has strong report writing skills and experience in data analysis and interpretation, liaising with and managing contractors and auditors, preparing proposals and undertaking detailed environmental site assessments.

In his spare time, Andrew enjoys attending the footy and spending time with his family.

Amy Ha Business Administrator

Amy is currently the Business Administrator at Landserv, overseeing the Integrated Management System which includes all areas of Quality, OHS, and Environmental Management. Amy is an Environmental Engineer graduated from RMIT University, and is also completing her Masters of Business Administration at Victoria University.

Before joining Landserv in 2012, she had successfully founded and managed a small business, worked as an assistant manager for an international construction company, and as an environmental engineer for a water management firm.

Amy brings to Landserv her combined knowledge of engineering and business management, and supports all working groups within our organisation.

Curt Larsen Senior Environmental Consultant

Curt has over ten years’ experience in the environmental industry gained in the United Kingdom, New Zealand and Australia. He is based out of Landserv’s Geelong office. Curt has undertaken work for corporate organisations with strong emphasis on behavioural based safety systems and is well versed in proprietary systems such as the LPS.

His areas of specialisation include Program Management, Audit Support for s53V audits, Phase II soil and groundwater contamination site assessments, Remediation system operation and maintenance including commissioning and optimisation and Surfactant injection.  Curt is well versed in investigation techniques for sampling soils, water, and vapour.

Curt also has four years of experience in the Biotechnology industry including microbiological contamination, genetically modified microorganism containment, deactivation and preservation, development of mutants, bioreactor operation and maintenance, bioreactor fermentation scale-up studies / technology transfer.

Outside of work Curt enjoys surfing, golf and beach related activities with his young family.

Monique Farmer Environmental Scientist

Monique is an Environmental Scientist with Landserv and joined the team in April 2016. She completed a Bachelor of Environments at the University of Melbourne, where she undertook two exchanges to the Autonomous University of Madrid, Spain and Monterrey Institute of Technology, Cuernavaca campus, Mexico.

Monique has developed her technical skills and knowledge of contaminated land and groundwater here at Landserv. Her experience includes contaminated land assessment, phase I & II environment site assessment, groundwater and soil sampling, report writing and site work supervision.

Monique is an active member and Secretary of Australian Contaminated Land Consultants Association Young Professional Sub-Committee (2018).  She enjoys spending time camping in national parks across Victoria and playing soccer for her local team on the weekend.

Michael Fallon Environmental Scientist

Michael is an Environmental Scientist with over three years of professional experience. He has a Bachelor Degree in Environments from the University of Melbourne where he majored in Environmental Science.

His experience ranges from Contaminated Land Investigations, Phase 1 & 2 Environmental Site assessment, EPA licence compliance monitoring and reporting, large scale Statutory Environmental Audits, environmental monitoring programs and field assessments including soil, groundwater, surface water and gas sampling.

Since joining Landserv in July 2016, Michael’s responsibilities include: supervision of environmental drilling, groundwater and gas monitoring well installations, data analysis and management, report writing and administration of GIS.

In his spare time, Michael enjoys playing sports such as basketball and cricket and travelling.

Sarah Dowling Business Manager

Sarah joined the Landserv team as the Business Manager in October 2017.  She provides both the Geelong and Melbourne teams with day to day support and business management with particular regards to business planning, reporting and monitoring and HR functions.  She supports Landserv’s Integrated Management System and is the B-Corporation Coordinator.

Sarah has an extensive background in Administrative, Project Management, Business Management and Operations Management roles across New Zealand, England, the United States and Australia.  This is complemented by her qualifications in business and project management.

 Sarah loves the beach in any weather and likes to spend her spare time surrounded by friends and family enjoying a good meal and a great glass of wine.

Katrina Lansdown

Katrina joined Landserv as an Environmental Scientist in April 2017. She has a PhD in aquatic biogeochemistry and has gained over ten years’ experience as a research scientist in Australia and the UK. Katrina’s research focused on the interplay between biogeochemical and hydrologic processes in contaminant removal in aquatic systems and since joining Landserv has been able to apply her skill set to a diverse range of contaminated land projects.

At Landserv, Katrina has been responsible for contaminated land assessments, soil and groundwater sampling, supervising environmental drilling and the installation of groundwater and gas monitoring wells, data analysis and management, and report writing.

Katrina enjoys taking her dog for walks with her partner, spending time with family and has recently got back into swimming.

Jessica Gillespie

Jessica joined Landserv in April 2017 as an Environmental Scientist.  She completed a Bachelor of Science Degree at Monash University where she majored in geology and zoology. She has since completed her Honours Degree in marine ecology and animal behaviour out of the John Arnould Laboratory at Deakin University.

Jessica has applied her broad environmental knowledge to projects such as site suitability assessments for contaminated land and groundwater assessment projects throughout Greater Melbourne.   Her experience includes phase I & II environmental assessment, extended site history investigation, soil and groundwater sampling, data management, report writing, proposal preparation and  the supervision of site works and contractors.

Jessica enjoys hiking, snorkelling and travelling in her spare time and endeavours to engage in science communication initiatives.