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Risk Assessment

Landserv’s risk assessment and ranking processes assist our clients to plan and manage their property portfolio, whilst addressing high risk sites as their highest priority. This allows our clients to optimise the use of potentially contaminated land and manage any environmental challenges.

Our consultants are well respected and experienced in the industry and have strong relationships with environmental auditors, regulators and key experts in the industry.  We have extensive experience in assisting our clients to maintain compliance with applicable legislation, notices and/or licenses (for example, operating and closed landfills).

We provide a wide range of services to assist our clients to identify, understand and manage any opportunities or constraints for their properties and projects.

Our risk assessment services include:

  • Environmental risk assessment
  • Human health risk assessment
  • Ecological risk assessment
  • Vapour intrusion and landfill gas risk assessment
  • Groundwater contamination risk assessment
  • Landfill leachate risk assessment
  • Landfill operations risk assessment
  • Closed landfill risk assessments taking into account leachate, groundwater, surface water and landfill gas


Selected Project Experience

Risk Assessment of seven closed landfills

This project included the installation of targeted groundwater monitoring bores and landfill gas bores and associated groundwater/gas monitoring to assess the likely risks associated with the former landfills. The risk assessment process resulted in a risk prioritisation of the former landfill sites and a program of work to address data gaps uncovered in the risk assessment process. Monitoring work is ongoing at many the closed sites.

Landfill Gas Investigations and Risk Assessment

Landfill “1”:  Landserv carried out low cost, practical and focussed investigations to remove the buffer zone around an old landfill where encroachment occurred. The project involved targeted test pitting to characterise the waste and assess landfill gas generation potential.  In addition, the scope of work included the installation and monitoring of perimeter landfill gas bores. The data collected from these activities was compiled alongside historical information to produce a conceptual site model and a landfill gas risk assessment with recommendations as to the removal or reduction (as appropriate) of the buffer. Furthermore, the investigation also provided the basis for satisfying the Ministerial Direction No. 1 issued by the Ministry of Planning for a number of rezoning decisions.

Peer Review (Various Development Applications) – Melbourne

Landserv has an ongoing engagement with a local Council to conduct peer reviews of landfill gas risk assessments submitted in support of planning applications.  Landserv provides recommendations on whether permit conditions are satisfied and advises council planners accordingly.

Landfill Gas Investigation and Risk Assessment – Warrnambool

Landserv carried out investigations into a former landfill in an urban area. The investigations were staged to address the key risk issues in line with Council’s expectations and budgets. A series of landfill gas bores were installed, and a monitoring and risk assessment undertaken to ensure surrounding land uses are not at risk.