Why is a Landfill Gas Risk Assessment required?

As a requirement of the Victorian EPA guidance document title Best Practice Environmental Management – Sitting, Design, Operation and Rehabilitation of Landfills (Landfill BEPM), all buildings and structures within 500m of a former municipal (putrescible) closed landfill fall within the recommended landfill buffer zone.  Proposed developments on sites within the landfill buffer zone can pose a safety risk by potentially providing a migration pathway for landfill gas.

How can Landserv help?

Landserv is a local business based in Geelong and Melbourne, with very experienced staff in the landfill and contaminated land sector and can assist in all aspects of the Landfill Gas Risk Assessment required for permit approval.

Landserv has conducted several landfill gas risk assessments and successfully gained permit approval for development projects near both active and closed landfills. Our strength in risk assessment has led to Landserv acting in a third-party review capacity for the City of Greater Geelong and many other Victorian local governments and an advisory capacity on landfill issues.

Featured Project

Anglesea Landfill monitoring program

Landserv was the principal consultant responsible for all environmental monitoring across the Anglesea Landfill over the course of a five-year period. All works were strictly conducted in accordance with the landfill licence, auditor verified environmental monitoring program and industry best-practice. The field program included waters monitoring of groundwater and leachate well network plus routine surface [...]

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