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Our Services

Contaminated Land Assessment and Management

Phase 2 environmental site assessments; Site Suitability Assessments; Soil and groundwater contamination assessments for: ongoing compliance, pre-puchase or acquisition due diligence; Soil gas and vapour intrusion investigations; Waste classification and soil re-use strategies; Assessments for statutory environmental audit purposes; Industrial or manufacturing facilities, petroleum service stations, refineries, terminals and depots; Commercial development sites; Future residential...
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Due Diligence

 Phase 1 environmental site assessments for pre-purchase or divestment due diligence; Provides a review of current and historical site activities and identifies potential environmental liabilities, risks and areas for further investigation. Landserv has extensive experience undertaking environmental assessments for due diligence purposes across Australia. Our clients range from Government departments to smaller private companies and...
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Education and Childcare Facilities

As populations grow throughout Victoria’s cities and towns, more new facilities such as schools and childcare centres are required. Landserv helps the Department of Education, Councils and private organisations to prepare sites for the development of new schools and childcare centres, both inner-urban and in new “greenfield” suburbs. We do this by investigating the environmental...
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Environmental Construction Management

Preservation and conservation of Australia’s biodiversity and environment and protection of human health and ecological integrity are crucial components of large scale development and construction projects. Challenges presented by construction and development activities such as: changes in land use, surface water and groundwater impacts, geotechnical and structural issues, dust and noise emissions, sediments and erosion,...
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Hydrogeological Assessments

Groundwater monitoring well installation; Groundwater quality assessment; Feasibility studies; Conceptual site model preparation; Preparation of numerical models to quantify groundwater flow and contamination; Computer modeling using Visual Modflow and FeFlow. Assessment of Hydrogeological condition and potential risk to receptors; Groundwater and surface water monitoring during construction work.
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Infrastructure and Development

Large scale development and infrastructure projects often face challenges such as contaminated soil, asbestos in soil, environmental suitability of sites for changes in land use, surface water and groundwater impacts, geotechnical and structural issues, dust and noise emissions, sediments and erosion. All these issues highlight the importance of due diligence, pre-construction assessments, site preparation and,...
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Landfill Services

Our Land and Groundwater team includes several experienced landfill and contaminated land specialists. Our point of difference lies in our ability to deliver highly responsive, personalised, outcome-focussed service for our clients. Our landfill services include: Landfill risk assessment and management; Specialised hydrogeological investigations and groundwater modelling; Landfill license compliance reporting (groundwater/surface water/leachate/gas); Landfill gas investigations...
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Multi-disciplinary Environmental Projects

Many of our clients’ projects require us to cover off on a range of environmental issues such as land contamination assessment and clean up, property due diligence, environmental management systems and planning, ecological studies and environmental compliance auditing. For example, in new outer-urban suburbs, regional cities and towns, our due diligence investigations for new residential...
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Preparation of remediation specifications for the cleanup of contaminated soil and groundwater; Supervision of contractors; Preparation of remedial action plans (RAPs); Supervision and validation of soil and groundwater remediation projects; Tracking and documenting soil movements for large scale earthworks; Underground storage tank removal. Underground storage tanks (UST’s) corrode, crack and develop leaks over time, polluting...
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Risk Assessment

 Environmental risk assessment; Human health risk assessment; Landfill risk assessment; Ecological risk assessment.
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