Why are Environmental Planning and Approvals required?

Environmental planning can be required for specific sites, on a ‘precinct’ scale, or across whole local government areas. Planning might include mapping natural and environmental hazards, landfill buffers, industrial land uses and their associated noise buffers and / or potentially contaminated land.

Most environmental planning requirements in Victoria fall under the Planning and Environment Act 1987.

In a statutory planning context, the planning permit application for a development where the site is subject to an environmental overlay or is suspected of being potentially contaminated, may require environmental assessment/s and reporting.

‘Strategic’ planning under the Planning and Environment Act is likely to be on a broader scale such as ‘Precinct Structure Planning’ and Planning Scheme Amendments, carried out by Council or State Government planners.

Development Licences, Operating Licences, Permits and Registrations are examples of environmental approvals required for some activities under the Environment Protection Act 2017 (EP Act 2017).

How can Landserv help?

Landserv’s professionals are highly aware of the planning system and the regulatory frameworks in which we work.

We ensure that the technical reports we produce are written in the context of our clients’ overall project objectives. Where information gaps or constraints are identified, our scientists and engineers will seek to overcome those immediately, or provide recommendations as to how they can be resolved.

We are experienced at providing precinct-wide, suburb-wide and whole of local government area scale investigations and reports, for potentially contaminated land, natural and environmental hazards and closed landfills. For strategic planning projects, we are used to working in multidisciplinary planning groups with State Government (Victorian Planning Authority and DELWP), as well as Local Government planners.

We regularly assist our private clients to navigate through the environmental aspects of their planning approvals, through contaminated site investigations, site remediation and validation for changes to land use, ‘assessor’ reports for environmental audits and landfill gas risk assessments.

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