Why is Landfall Gas and Leachate Management necessary?

Waste decomposition in landfills generates landfill gases comprising mainly methane and carbon dioxide. If poorly controlled, landfill gas migration can lead to dangerous conditions, such as explosions or human exposure due to methane and carbon dioxide build-up in residences or confined spaces.

Decomposing waste can also generate leachate through liquids in the waste, surface water and rainfall infiltration through the waste and groundwater intrusion. Landfill leachate contains a range of hazardous dissolved constituents and poses risks to human health and the environment. Leachate springs can discharge from the landfill surface, leak downward into groundwater, then migrate laterally and release into surface water bodies.

Landfills must be appropriately managed to avoid adverse events from occurring.

How can Landserv help?

As a Waste Management and Resource Recovery Association Australia (WMRRA) member, Landserv has been involved with industry consultation on landfill gas by EPA Victoria.

We have assisted several local governments and private landfill operators with the management of landfill gas and leachate for both active and closed landfills. Our services include Landfill Operations Risk Assessment (LORA), Post Closure Environmental Risk Assessment (PCERA), landfill monitoring programs and mitigation measures.

We also provide consultancy on landfill design and operations, including preparation of stormwater and leachate management plans, negotiating audit endorsement of landfill design, and hydrogeological assessments for auditor verification.


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Anglesea Landfill monitoring program

Landserv was the principal consultant responsible for all environmental monitoring across the Anglesea Landfill over the course of a five-year period. All works were strictly conducted in accordance with the landfill licence, auditor verified environmental monitoring program and industry best-practice. The field program included waters monitoring of groundwater and leachate well network plus routine surface [...]

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