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Landfill Services

One of the major issues faced by landfill operators is the production of gaseous and liquid substances during the breakdown of most waste. Landfill gas and leachate can escape from landfills and adversely impact the environment and human health.  Planning considerations must include a landfill gas risk assessment for development applications within 500 metres of an existing or closed putrescible landfill.

Our Land and Groundwater team includes several experienced landfill and contaminated land specialists who serve our local government and private landfill operator clients.  We are members of the Waste Management Association of Australia and are able to assist our clients to understand and implement the requirements of the Victorian EPA’s Landfill BPEM (788.2).

Our landfill services include:

  • Landfill risk assessment and management;
  • Specialised hydrogeological investigations and groundwater modelling;
  • Landfill license compliance reporting (groundwater/surface water/leachate/gas);
  • Landfill gas investigations and risk assessment;
  • Rehabilitation planning;
  • Greenhouse and Energy reporting (NGER);
  • Landfill cell and cap design;
  • Transfer station design;
  • Works Approvals, licence amendments and trade waste agreements;
  • Stormwater management plans;
  • Landfill operations risk assessments;
  • Monitoring Programs.


Selected Project Experience

Landfill Gas bore Network

Landserv was engaged by Council to install the landfill gas network at Drysdale and Corio landfills. This involved the installation of over 20 landfill gas bores on each landfill.  The bore network was required to meet the auditor approved environmental monitoring plan.  Bore locations were selected in consultation the appointed auditor.

Landfill management strategic advice

Advice to council on the management and rehabilitation of two closed landfills in accordance with Pollution Abatement Notices (PANs).  Landserv assists Council with implementing EIP’s focussed on rehabilitation works, monitoring of groundwater, leachate and landfill gas, improving drainage, aesthetics, water conservation, vegetation quality, public utility and perception of the sites. Landserv has also assisted in the preparation of specifications for Council tender documents for the design and implementation of a leachate collection and gas extraction system, investigation and monitoring of groundwater, landfill gas and leachate at the landfills.  Landserv assisted with the tender process and tender selection and management.