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Waste Management

Our Land and Groundwater team includes several experienced landfill and contaminated land specialists. Our point of difference lies in our ability to deliver highly responsive, personalised, outcome-focussed service for our clients.

Our landfill services include:

  • Landfill risk assessment and management;
  • Specialised hydrogeological investigations and groundwater modelling;
  • Landfill license compliance reporting (groundwater/surface water/leachate/gas);
  • Landfill gas investigations and risk assessment;
  • Rehabilitation planning;
  • Greenhouse and Energy reporting (NGER);
  • Landfill cell and cap design;
  • Transfer station design;
  • Works Approvals, licence amendments and trade waste agreements;
  • Stormwater management plans;
  • Landfill operations risk assessments;
  • Monitoring Programs.

Landserv provides these services to a range of local government and private clients, and assists them with the implementation of requirements of the Victorian EPA’s Landfill BPEM (788.2).