Landserv was the principal consultant responsible for all environmental monitoring across the Anglesea Landfill over the course of a five-year period. All works were strictly conducted in accordance with the landfill licence, auditor verified environmental monitoring program and industry best-practice.

The field program included waters monitoring of groundwater and leachate well network plus routine surface water sampling at designated locations throughout the site. Quarterly gas (methane & carbon dioxide) monitoring included property perimeter bores, intermediate and final surface cover areas, and inside various building and structures. Furthermore, regular sampling and analysis of leachate prior to discharge was conducted for trade waste agreement compliance.

Reporting aspects of the contract included quarterly letter reports and updates on the latest monitoring results and findings. Annually a full-scale review of monitoring data trends, quality control and adherence to the landfill licence conditions was conducted.

Landserv’s ability to provide outstanding service, value for money and the technical expertise to tackle all implications faced by a complex hydrogeological conceptual model were rewarded with two contract extensions.


  • Regular communication from project managers and directors, ensuring peace-of-mind the monitoring program is adequately resourced and completed to schedule
  • Field staff who are not just field technicians but trained environmental consultants who know and understand the environmental management requirements of landfills
  • Comprehensive result interpretation and high-quality reporting, including principal level technical peer review of all findings