Landserv worked with our client to address the conditions outlined in the Pollution Abatement Notice (PAN) issued by the Environment Protection Agency (EPA) following a Licensed Operator Risk Assessment (LORA).

Landserv was engaged to undertake a Land and Groundwater Risk Assessment and develop the associated documentation to satisfy the requirements of their license conditions. This predominately desktop-based assessment involved a review into the potential sources of contamination from the site (i.e. from the daily operations of the facility and waste management), pathways (soil, surface water and groundwater) and receptors on and off-site (downgradient groundwater receptors). A site inspection was also carried out to confirm initial findings.

Through the review of databases, including historical aerial imagery, geological maps, historical reports and the client’s operations manuals, Landserv developed a conceptual site model and risk matrix to interpret any risks posed.

Our team then implemented the necessary follow up actions required to meet the conditions of the license and the EPA notice. Including installing a more comprehensive groundwater well network and monitoring program, the removal of two underground storage tanks and a soil validation program.


  • Developed a comprehensive documented record of the potential sources, pathways and receptors for the client to enable appropriate controls to be implemented.
  • Successful removal of the EPA Notice following our completed assessment.

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