Environmental advice, site assessment, risk assessment and remediation services to support termination of a lease agreement.

Landserv undertook an extensive investigation and remediation program at the decommissioned petrol station with the aim handing back the site to the land owner.

Landserv conducted various site characterisation works to facilitate the lease hand back, including soil sampling and installing and sampling of groundwater monitoring wells. Landserv also undertook soil and groundwater remediation works at the site between 2014 and 2019.

Based on a conceptual site model developed for the site and to meet the lessor’s requirements, Landserv conducted follow-up works in 2020-21 comprising remediation option assessment, further groundwater monitoring events and a soil vapour intrusion risk assessment.

Landserv concluded and advised the client that following the soil and remediation works, the former service station site did not present a risk to human health and the environment for its ongoing commercial/industrial uses.


  • Remediation of hydrocarbon impacted soil to make the site suitable for ongoing commercial use
  • Providing data and pieces of evidence to support that Clean Up to Extent Practicable (CUTEP) had been achieved for the site
  • Support on hand with expert advice on contaminated land matters throughout the project