Landserv completed environmental due diligence to inform our client’s consideration of purchasing several properties in the area. Landfilling occurred through a broader area of the investigation location in the 1980’s and investigations were required to determine whether it was underlain by historical landfilling.

We were engaged to determine the environmental condition of the site/s and the suitability of the geotechnical conditions for ongoing commercial / industrial uses, and to provide a liability assessment, if any, due to contaminated land and waste stockpiles.

Our team completed a comprehensive desktop review of existing historical reports and data provided by our client, gathered anecdotal evidence through interviews and site inspections to determine whether there were any current potential contamination sources and to record details of any waste and stockpiles. We delivered an intrusive soil sampling program including test-pitting, boreholes and surface sampling as well as sampling and classification of 26 stockpiles of waste materials also present at the site.

A Due Diligence Site Assessment Report was prepared outlining the likely environmental and geotechnical liabilities and an evaluation of the risks associated with contamination, waste stockpiles, landfill gas and geotechnical, and detailed cost liability estimates. The report also provided our client with suggested precautions applicable to their proposed future use of the site.


  • Provided our client with a tailored approach in assessing the liabilities associated with contamination management and waste disposal specific to the future proposed use.
  • Advice provided considered our client’s potential obligations under the Environmental Protection Act 2017 if the site was to be purchased, including their General Environmental Duty, the Duty to Manage contamination and Duty to Notify EPA contamination.
  • Where possible, options were provided to cost effectively manage, re-use or dispose of stockpiles.
  • Detailed cost estimates were provided separate from our report, to manage contamination and dispose of waste stockpiles.

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