Complex site characterisation followed by remediation and management advice and liability estimates.

Landserv worked closely with our client to support the sale of their large industrial site with a long history of manufacturing activities.

We were initially engaged to conduct a combined preliminary and detailed site investigation to assess the general status of soil and groundwater within the 35-hectare industrial site.

A conceptual site model developed identified several potentially complete source-pathway-receptor linkages, including potential direct exposure of soil impacts, likely vapour exposure to site users and visitors, and potential for accumulation of vapours in confined spaces in service pits or trenches within site and adjacent to the site. Subsequently, Landserv developed a contamination management plan for the site to mitigate potentially unacceptable risks to human health and the environment in the context of various future land use scenarios. Cost estimates to remediate or manage the site contamination were then prepared to estimate the site contaminated land liability.

Landserv also assisted the client with the review of the potential buyer’s additional investigation for the site.


  • Comprehensive understanding of the site contamination status and its liabilities associated with contaminated land management issues
  • Assistance with information gathering to satisfy the General Environmental Duty (GED) outlined by Victoria’s new Environmental Protection Act (2017)
  • Support on hand with expert advice on contaminated land matters throughout the sale process