Rapid assessment, investigation and remediation of petroleum contamination associated with historical use at an operating kindergarten site.

Evidence was discovered at an operating kindergarten that it had historically been used as a service station. Given the sensitive use, the highest priority was to quickly establish that occupants were not at risk of exposure to contaminants.

Landserv’s fast-tracked response included preliminary and detailed site investigations including detailed research on the site history, together with soil and groundwater assessment. In parallel with the detailed site investigation a soil vapour risk assessment was completed, including installation and sampling of vapour pins installed to ensure no accumulation of vapours beneath the site buildings.

Once it was confirmed that there was no immediate or imminent risk to occupants, remediation was necessary to remove any remaining primary and secondary sources of contamination as a precaution to support ongoing kindergarten use of the site.

Landserv managed the remediation work from scoping, tendering and management of contractors on site during a rapid 14 day remediation program over summer holidays while the facility was closed. Landserv removed 1,200 tonnes of material from the site, including contaminated soil, fill material, timber, concrete and rubble for off-site disposal. We also removed all remaining underground fuel pipes, tanks and associated infrastructure, and conducted soil validation sampling and installed a geotextile marker layer.

Completion of remediation works included verification of backfilling soil, engineered backfilling, compaction and replacement of mulched play surfaces ready for the return of the staff and children.


  • Fast-tracked assessment and remediation during holiday closure
  • Comprehensive environmental documentation and reporting
  • Vapour and Human Health Risk Assessment
  • Expert advice and support throughout the project
  • Rigorous supervision and validation, ensuring the safety of kindergarten occupants