Removal of underground storage tank and remediation of surrounding contaminated soil at open primary school.

An underground storage tank (UST) was discovered at an open primary school with suspected contamination of the surrounding soil. Landserv supervised the removal tank (UST) and associated remote fuel point. Validation soil samples were taken from the walls and floor of the excavations to assess the fuel contamination status. Once the tank was exposed liquid and sand was identified within the tank. Landserv engaged a subcontractor to remove the contents of the UST with a vacuum truck to reduce the risk of further contamination if the tank ruptured during removal of the tank with an excavator.

Excavated soils were placed into two stockpiles, which were then sampled to establish the waste classification as per EPA Publication 1828.2 for off-site disposal purposes.
Sampling identified three hotspot areas with fuel contamination exceeding ecological and human health guidelines. These hotspots were removed on a separate occasion and additional validation samples were taken to ensure all contamination was removed.

The final validation samples reported concentrations well below the relevant criteria for a sensitive land use setting (Primary School) and all excavations were backfilled with clean soil and crushed rock.


  • Successful removal of UST and contaminated materials
  • Weekend and after hours work to limit disruption of school community
  • Works ensured that the site is suitable for the proposed upgrade works and for an ongoing sensitive land use