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Infrastructure and Development

Large scale development and infrastructure projects often face challenges such as contaminated soil, asbestos in soil, environmental suitability of sites for changes in land use, surface water and groundwater impacts, geotechnical and structural issues, dust and noise emissions, sediments and erosion. All these issues highlight the importance of due diligence, pre-construction assessments, site preparation and, during the construction phase, holistic and dynamic environmental management.

To support large scale infrastructure and development projects, Landserv works to assess and manage a range of contamination and environmental issues on behalf of our Major Project and Private Developer clients. Our management of these issues controls the potential for expensive surprises during construction and significant adverse impacts to project budgets and outcomes, the environment and human health.

Landserv’s work for Government departments and Major Project managers has included environmental management and contamination management for several large scale road, stadium and building / facility construction projects. Some of these projects have required large scale classification and management of contaminated soil and asbestos in soil.

For private developers we have investigated and remediated sites to prepare for development, including large residential subdivisions with extensive excavation and waterways in their designs. Landserv often performs these projects under Statutory Environmental Audit conditions. Our people have carried out environmental assessment work for more than half of Victoria’s EPA Appointed Contaminated Land Auditors and our work is known and respected by them.

Landserv was engaged to assist with soil management for the construction phase of the Melbourne Park & Olympic Park Redevelopment project. The project included the management of soil generated at the site during construction phase works. A portion of this work included the assessment and management of naturally occurring Potential Acid Sulfate Soil (PASS) identified at the site in the underlying Coode Island Silts.

An ongoing Landserv project for a developer client involves broad scale investigation of a 300+ hectare residential subdivision. For this project our work is under Statutory Environmental Audit conditions (Part 1XD Section 53X of the Environment Protection Act 1970) and includes drilling, excavating, soil and groundwater investigation, soil vapour, risk assessment and acid sulfate soil.