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  • Preparation of remediation specifications for the cleanup of contaminated soil and groundwater;
  • Supervision of contractors;
  • Preparation of remedial action plans (RAPs);
  • Supervision and validation of soil and groundwater remediation projects;
  • Tracking and documenting soil movements for large scale earthworks;
  • Underground storage tank removal.

UST/AST Removal and Validation

Underground storage tanks (UST’s) corrode, crack and develop leaks over time, polluting soil and groundwater. The Victorian Environment Protection Authority (EPA) has rigorous guidelines pertaining to the design, installation and management of UST’s, in particular those containing petroleum. Failure to comply with these guidelines can result in fines, legal action and civil law claims.

Landserv can assist clients with all aspects of UST and AST management, from organising their removal and validation to advising on the potential cost and liabilities associated with their removal, replacement or upgrade.

Selected Project Experience

Tank Excavation and Validation – Dandenong

Landserv was engaged by an earth moving contractor to investigate the contamination conditions in soil (both in situ and ex situ) encountered in the removal of a 40 kL UST at a plastics manufacturing warehouse in Dandenong. The UST was used for the storage of Class A Phthalates, used in the manufacturing of plastic materials. The objective of the validation program was to assess the phthalate contamination status of soil sampled from the walls and floor of the excavation and from the excavated soil prior to its disposal in accordance with Victorian EPA requirements.

Targeted Soil Investigations – Insitu Classification

Landserv conducted two targeted soil investigations at service stations in Victoria. The aim of the investigations was to assess the contamination status of soils in the immediate vicinity of a proposed excavation for UST replacement works. The investigation encompassed targeted geotechnical drilling, soil sampling and classification for offsite disposal in accordance with EPA requirements and the development of a soil management plan to assist with the management of potentially contaminated soils during tank replacement works.