Landfill gas methane is generated by decomposition of waste (putrescible, food and garden wastes). Methane can displace oxygen in air and this can cause asphyxiation, flammability or explosive conditions. The risk of landfill gas can remain post closure and for at least 30 years post-closure.

In the planning permit application process for development within the 500 m buffer zone of current or former landfills, the Responsible Authority (e.g. Council) often imposes a planning condition for Landfill Gas Risk Assessments (LFGRA) prior to development, irrespective of the size, complexity or scope of the proposed development. The assessment is designed to provide surety that the site is fit for intended purpose and that the proximity to active or former landfills does not present a risk to human or ecosystem health or to infrastructure in the area.

Landserv has been conducting landfill gas risk assessments in many municipalities in Melbourne, Geelong, and other areas of Victoria, and successfully gained permit approval for development projects near active and closed landfills. Based on the knowledge base built up over time, Landserv has also been engaged by a number of local councils to provide advice to planners on developments around old landfills. This includes the peer review of other consultants’ reports submitted in support of planning applications and general advice to local councils on site risks and liabilities. Where this knowledge base is applicable, Landserv has successfully managed to reduce the required scope of the assessment, providing significant savings to private clients and developers.

Where the knowledge base does not apply, Landserv still continues to provide diligent, accurate and cost-effective assessment to the satisfaction of the Responsible Authority. For inquiries on our Landfill Gas Risk Assessment services, please call Toby Montgomery or Damien Chappell on 03 5222 4173 or Nick Mara on 03 9646 0833. With offices in Port Melbourne and Geelong, Landserv can provide the service you need, where and when you need it.