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Yearly Archive: 2018

All about chemistry

It’s been all about the chemistry at Landserv over the last couple of months. On 25 July, Jessica, Michael, Matt and Katrina attended the ‘Introduction to Environmental and Analytical Chemistry’ module hosted by the Australian Contaminated Land Consultants Association (ACLCA). The session was facilitated by Dr. Brent Davey of Monarc Environmental and Alan Bull of...
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Professional Environmental Women’s Association: Waste ‘Crisis’ Forum

How do we solve the waste “crisis”? From China’s recent ban on the import of recyclable material from Australia to reducing our carbon footprint, how we manage and mitigate the impacts of the waste we produce has become a hot topic in recent times. The Professional Environmental Womens Association (PEWA) facilitated a forum on this...
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Technical Film #7: Types of Environmental Assessment

Damien Chappell provides a brief overview of the types of environmental assessments that are commonly used on projects, often alongside contaminated land assessments.  A broader range of assessments might be necessary when considering cases such as; due diligence, approvals for greenfield developments, residential sub-divisions, schools and manufacturing facilities. The environmental assessments discussed here include: flora and...
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Technical Film #2 – “Landfill Assessments and Projects”

We explain the many complex steps required when planning, designing and constructing a new landfill site. Landserv has extensive experience and can assist throughout the process including the design and approval process, tender process and project management during the construction phase.  With our help many councils have reduced overall variations and delays in the delivery...
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Technical Film 1b: The Establishment of Contaminated Land Regulations

Damien Chappell provides a brief overview of how Environment Protection regulations were developed, especially in the context of contaminated land in Victoria. He uses the example of a residential development in Ardeer which began prior to contaminated land regulations. The development proceeded with no contaminated land assessment and had to be abandoned when the soil...
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