Landserv has recently been approved to be a certified provider on the panel for the Municipal Association of Victoria (MAV)’s Contaminated Land and Landfill Consultancy Services and Environmental Audit Services.

“The Municipal Association of Victoria (MAV) is the peak representative and lobbying body for Victoria’s 79 councils. The MAV’s role includes lobbying for a ‘fairer deal’ for councils and their communities, raising the sector’s profile, ensuring its long-term security and providing policy advice, strategic advice, insurance and procurement services to local government. All 79 of Victoria’s councils are members of the MAV.”

As most of us know, public sector procurement is a rigorous process, and the application to be on the MAV Panel was therefore a carefully considered procedure. Approved suppliers had to meet strict requirements on OH&S, quality assurance, and insurances. They also needed to provide a proven track record of completed works that met the highest professional standards. Other considerations included a commitment to local economy support, environmental sustainability and social responsibility.

Landserv has been working for a number of local councils ever since the beginning of our company, and we’re looking forward to many more projects supporting local government.