May is shaping up to be another big month for Landserv. Recent additions to the Landserv group in the past ten months, including two Senior Environmental Scientists and a Principal Hydrogeologist, have greatly increased Landserv’s operating capacity as well as the skill base and overall project capabilities.

All of us at Landserv are buckling down to a solid backlog of projects and sharpening our pencils for new tenders and proposals. A diverse range of projects are coming in and Landserv, while busy, is always looking for opportunities with new clients and further cementing relationships with existing clients.

We’ve even brought in some graduates to help deal with the extra workload across Landserv’s offices in Port Melbourne and Geelong, while also providing them valuable work experience and a foot in the door for their future careers in the environmental consulting space. Their enthusiasm, developed and developing skill sets and fresh approach is proving a highly useful addition to us all.

Landserv’s clients range from local, state and federal government through to private property owners and developers. In every case, Landserv works diligently to balance the client’s requirements against best practice environmental management and environmental sustainability, all while remaining on budget and on time.

We’d be happy to hear from you and if there is anything Landserv can do to assist, please call Toby Montgomery on (03) 5222 4173 in Geelong or Nick Mara on (03) 9646 0833 in Port Melbourne.