One of our recent major projects in Landfill Risk Management was for a local government council in regional Victoria. The scope of work included risk assessment of a former landfill in relation to an adjacent proposed development site. Groundwater and landfill gas monitoring was conducted and recommendations for a Landfill Risk Management Plan were presented to the client.

Landserv’s Land & Groundwater team had a great time working on this project, which was delivered on time and on budget, despite a few little hiccups such as getting soaked in the rain while taking groundwater samples. (Don’t worry, we’ve got a Health & Safety Plan to manage such technical glitches.) It was professionally enriching to be involved in consulting services that are at the cutting edge of landfill gas assessment and mitigation in Australia. Well done, team!

Please direct any enquiries relating to Landfill Services and Landfill Risk Assessment to Jonathan Thom on T: 03 96460833.