Landserv has been working closely with a chemical manufacturing company in western Victoria to protect and enhance important waterbird habitat on their property. The proposed project area is a large open permanent freshwater body which has been used as a stormwater storage lagoon. The lagoon provides a relatively stable environment and is used by a range of waterbird species including International, State and Regional significance species.

The project objectives are to improving existing land management practices, restore the local ecology and provide environmental learning opportunities for the community. The project team proposes to:

  • Connect management of the foreshore reserve and stewardship of significant values;
  • Conduct wetland restoration works to stabilise the lagoon;
  • Establish a revegetation program to link indigenous vegetation along the coastal foreshore; and
  • Engage local and regional level stakeholders to build local community capacity and strengthen the connectivity of the landscape across the locality and surrounding area.

For all enquiries on Ecological and Environmental services, please contact Louise Buckley at T: 03 52224173