Since 2010, Landserv has been approved as a pre-qualified consultant on the Construction Supplier Register (CSR) with the Department of Transport (DoT). The CSR is the “pre-qualification scheme for building and construction industry consultants and contractors. It is available by arrangement with the department to statutory authorities, school councils and hospitals as well as to other approved Government and non-Government organisations.”

“Before being pre-qualified, applicants are assessed against a range of management, technical and financial pre-qualification criteria to ensure they meet the high standards required of Government suppliers. Pre-qualification is then reviewed on a regular basis. Firms applying for pre-qualification must demonstrate that they have the management capability, qualifications, expertise, experience, technical and financial capacity to successfully deliver government construction projects.”

Last year the DoT requested an extensive review of the OHS management systems of all pre-qualified consultants on the CSR. Landserv submitted a detailed report on our OHS policy and practice in October 2012. Our system was subsequently approved by an independent DoT-appointed OHS assessor that it meets all of the OHS criteria set by the Department.

Safety is always Landserv’s highest priority. Safety was the first component of our business management system, which integrates safety with quality and environment. Our safety management system, including policies, procedures and health and safety planning tools, has been operational, effective and fully supported by senior management and all employees since 2008. Landserv’s OHS system has consistently met every stringent safety requirement for all our projects in construction and environmental services, as well as rail work, ecological assessment, and other fields.

For all enquiries on our Environmental or Construction services, please contact Damien Chappell at T: 03 52224173.