Environmental Site Assessments

Landserv regularly undertakes environmental assessments and audits on contaminated land. We have proven our capabilities by providing practical, cost-effective solutions to both private and government clients when dealing with sites that contain gasworks waste, pesticide, hydrocarbon and metal contaminates to name a few.

Environmental assessments are conducted to evaluate the contamination status of a property. The aim is to determine if contamination will impact upon current or future planned use.

An environmental assessment can include desktop reviews, site inspections, and/or a detailed soil and groundwater assessment. Data collected is compiled into a report which provides recommendations if further steps are required. In addition, information collected from these assessments can assist in providing likely clean-up costs and assist in the sale of property.

 Environmental Audits

Environmental Audits may be triggered by the development of a contaminated or potentially contaminated site. Re-zoning or environmental overlays can result in requests from planning authorities for an environmental audit to confirm that the property is suitable, or to outline what’s required to make the site suitable, for its intended use. Landserv undertakes formal investigations of the conditions of the site, ensuring they comply with specific criteria. The outcome of an environmental audit can include a statement or a certificate of environmental audit.

Landserv has experience with both s53V and s53X audit sites across Victoria.