Some of Landserv’s main projects involve providing ongoing professional advice to regional municipalities with the management of their local landfills. In particular, we are currently assisting a council in Melbourne’s East with the appropriate implementation of the monitoring programs at two of their active landfills. The scopes of work range from creating detailed plans of monitoring gas bores, landfill extent, and site boundaries; to  devising a work schedule to incorporate different stakeholder’s tasks and responsibilities; and also liaising between different parties to ensure that the landfills’ operation meets EPA standards and auditors’ recommendations.

Another important line of work focuses on the management of former landfills, also for local councils. One recent example includes review and assessment work associated with potential landfill gas migration from a former landfill in Western Victoria.  The aim of the work is to enable data gaps to be identified, and risks to be addressed, with the view to reducing or removing the buffer zone around the landfill, depending on the outcome.

For all enquiries on landfill consulting services, please contact Nick Mara at T: 03 96460833