Having recently joined the Landserv Team as an Environmental Scientist, Michael Fallon reflects on his first month.

“Each day has presented me with challenges and opportunities to expand upon my previous knowledge and skill set, which has been facilitated by all staff who have always shown enthusiasm when tasked with mentoring me in both the office and field context.”

“So far the majority of my work has centred around the assessment of potential contamination at a residential property development site in Point Lonsdale. While working on this project I have been given the responsibility of: preparing site plans and figures in AutoCAD, soil and sediment sampling, bore logging, and the supervision of drill rig/excavator operators. I have also been given a chance to assist more experienced team members with their work on other projects, giving me an insight into the scope of works conducted by Landserv and an understanding of the many processes and methods applied by Landserv when conducting contaminated land assessment and remediation. Landserv’s transparent and inclusive culture has already made me feel as though I am a valued and integral member of the team, and has given me a clear picture of our collective goals, and how I can help working toward achieving them.”

“Overall, my experience to this point has been very enjoyable and has filled me with great excitement as I look forward to a long rewarding career within the consultancy.”




                            Photo: Works being undertaken at Point Lonsdale.